oct1030f6If you've ever previously hired a contractor to work on something in our around your home, you know that having a trusting relationship  is an essential component to safely work with them. The ability to trust the contractor might also be as important as their ability to fix or add something in your home. However, the focus when hiring a contractor tends to be more on how much the project is going to cost them, how quickly the project can begin and end and then how it is going to look overall when it is completed.

Time is rarely spent on actually getting to know the contractor and their previous jobs. Knowing whether or not they are honest, have had great relationships on previous jobs and will provide respect with the whole project are rarely thought about. A lot of times the homeowners end up hurrying through the process and find those contractors that might not be the best fit for the project or for them.

Ever had a bad experience with a contractor before? Why was it? Was it because of the price they charged? Were they unreliable about time frames? Were they charging more for cheaper products than you would have liked? Did it take twice as long for them to complete the project than originally planned? Did you hire them right on the spot or did you take your time to find them? If you did not do any of the footwork to find out more about them through references, licenses and even speaking with them more to get to know how they treated you and the home that you live in?

A lot of times homeowners will have to go through all of this without actually sitting down and finding the right one for the job. Homeowners want a quick, painless job that costs as little money as possible. However, they will end up with the headache later on down the road. They did not get what they wanted, even though they could have by just stepping back for a minute and taking a little more time during the selection process.

A contractor should know how to adequately plan for these home improvement projects: measure twice and only cut once. They should actually plan out the costs of everything without throwing out a quick number so you get the right cost, the first time around. They will factor in any surprises that might pop up along the way and give you estimates on that as well. The first meeting that you have with the contractor should not be about dollar signs and the instructions that they have and you have, but rather whether or not you can trust this specific person to actually come in and do a good job.

Having this trust is a big decision – one that can cost you your home if you're not careful when it comes to making the right choice on who to go with. For over 30 years Minnesotans have trusted Quarve with their exterior remodeling needs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  You can rest easy when you put your home in our hands.