If you are thinking of the right roof type but do not want to have to replace your roof every ten to fifteen years, then you might want to cross asphalt off the list. It is a popular choice for many homeowners since it is relatively economical compared to other types of roofing materials. But in figuring the overall economics, you have to also think about the costs of repairs over time and then having to replace it within a short amount of time, so the low costs do not really add up. If you want a roof that is going to hold up to any type of extreme weather, ditch the asphalt roofing and choose to go with a new metal roof. Metal is growing in popularity on commercial and residential properties due to the fact that is a durable, strong material that can last for years.

Quarve is here to offer the highest quality roofing materials you have ever seen, this includes metal. The steel and other metal roofs that we install are able to last years to come and they are not only energy-efficient but also great for the environment as well, unlike asphalt.

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Even home inspectors will say that if you want a roof that is no maintenance and will protect the structure, then you should choose to go with metal. This is probably the last roof you will ever have to install on your home. Metal doesn't deteriorate with sun exposure and can withstand extremely high winds. Hail is not a problem to a metal roof since it is extremely durable and strong. It is also one of the biggest and best investments that you can make on your home. You're able to increase your home's resale value when you install a metal roof and gain over 85% of your investment back.

Here at Quarve, we do roofs and we know what you need when it comes to roofing installation. We are able to install metal roofing  from Kassel & Irons, Edco, and Metro in a variety of styles. Speak with us today about having your new metal roof installed.