Gutters are one of the most important parts of your home.  Are your gutters in good shape?  The gutters must be able to properly direct water away from the structure of your home, preventing the water from making its way inside. Cleaning your gutters a few times throughout the year will be able to enhance the longevity of your system, but gutters will still need to be repaired or even replaced eventually in order to better protect your home.

oct1023e5Watch out for these signs when it comes to determining whether or not you should replace your gutter system.
  • Splits or cracks – Even though small cracks might not seem like a big issue, these cracks can and will turn into bigger cracks and it might happen soon. Water is able to get through the small cracks, damaging the fascia boards, shingles and the foundation of your home.
  • Flecks of orange on metal gutters or peeling paint – Paint on the gutters is designed to withstand all types of weathers. If there are orange spots or peeling paint, this can be a sign of water build-ups and rust beginning to form. The gutters may not be working correctly and removing the water away from the home.
  • Signs of mildew around the foundation or pools of water – Water should be moving away from the home. If there are pools of water or mildew around the foundation, this is a strong indicator that the gutters may not be working. A defect or clog in the system might be the culprit.
  • Water marks or damages below the gutter system – Check these spots on a sunny, dry day. If you notice any damage or marks then water might be escaping from the system. This can cause damage to the fascia boards and soffits.
  • Gutters are pulling away from the structure or sagging – This is the easiest way to tell whether or not you need gutter repairs or replacement. You can notice it right from the ground, there are no ladders needed. Gutters shouldn't sag or pull away from the home. The gutters could be full of water and pull away from the home due to this extra weight.
By choosing an experienced St. Paul gutter installation company, you can make sure your gutter system is the right one. Quarve is able to provide both installation and the gutter system of your needs. We can recommend the right rain-handling system for the home that you own.