Since the beginning of the 2000's, metal roofing has grown 2% of the total roofing market. The price of metal has remained the same, while the price of asphalt continues to grow. As one of the Twin Cities' area's leading roofing companies Quarve is able to custom fabricate the metal roof panels right on site in order to get the best fit and allows us to have complete control when it comes to putting the metal roofing on your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seams are not a new metal concept, it has been updated and approved for use throughout the years though. A lot of older homes use the tin or metal roof over their porch or bay windows, and the metal has been there for over 80 years or more. Even if they are this old, they are still in good working condition and have probably been painted a bunch of times. You can choose from over 30 paint colors to express your own style on your home. Now they have a warranty that protects against discoloration or fading of the paint that lasts 35 years. Standing seam metal also has unique benefits that you wouldn't get from another roofing type such as being able to be installed on flat surfaces, which eliminates the need for tar or rubber roofing (that lasts for only 8 years, compared to the decades a metal roof lasts).

Metal Roofing Profiles Replicate Asphalt Shingles, Wood Shakes, or Tile

oct1030f6 Kasselshake Steel Roofing

Seamed metal roofing has a streamlined look to it, but metal roofing can also be replicated to look a lot like cedar, asphalt, concrete tiles or slate. Choosing to go with a metal version, instead of the real deal with these choices is simple. You can get the look you want but with more protection and metal can last many years more than the other selections. It is lightweight, great for the environment since it is recyclable material and has a Class A fire rating. Why not get the look you want, but with a better package all around?

Here at Quarve, we install steel and other metal roofs for Minneapolis and St. Paul homes. We can help you choose the style, color and anything else in order to full customize and protect your home. Speak with us today about installation before the Minnesota heavy snow arrives.