If you're planning on putting a new roof on your Twin Cities home, have you considered metal?  Metal roofing has grown over the years from 2% to 12% of the total roofing installed on homes throughout the U.S.  And the cost has become very competitive. The price of asphalt roofing continues to rise, while the price of metal has stayed much the same over recent  years. If you're considering metal, consider this:  Quarve Contracting can not only can install the metal roofing of your choice, but install it so the seams are virtually invisible to the eye, even up close.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing - A Great Option for Flat or Shallow-Pitch Roofs

This concept of metal roofing has been approved and updated throughout the years, and a lot of the older homes still have metal roofing over their bays or porches. They continue to stay strong, even if they are over 80 years old but have been painted a few times throughout the years. The standing seam roofs come in an extensive choice of different colors to provide the best look for your home or business property.  Warranties for metal roofs are generally long-lasting.  Some standing seam metal roofs come with a warranty that covers this paint on the roof for up to 35 years to ensure that it does not fade or discolor during this time. If you have a flat surface, standing seam metal roofing can take care of the problem and last for numerous years compared to a tar or rubber roof that lasts for no more than 10.

12f7bc03dcda695e237640f5a6ad4ee8Replication of Other Roofing Materials with Metal

The metal roofing that you get can even replicate asphalt, concrete, shingles or cedar roofing types.  So not only will your roof have the benefits of metal, you can have the look of another less durable roofing material.  Metal shingles are not porous so they will not break down, have mold or mildew, or crack over time. They have a Class A fire rating and require little to no maintenance.   If you like the looks of genuine cedar shakes, tile, or slate, with metal roofing you're able to give your home a ritzy feel for at least half the price.

Why Is Metal Roofing Ideal for Minnesota Homes and Businesses?

Metal roofing is ideal for a number of reasons, here are a few reasons why you should choose metal roofing over any other type of roofing available for Minnesotans.
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Energy Star rated
  • Increases your property's curb appeal
  • Has versatile styles
  • Provides the ultimate in protection
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Resists damage from Minnesota's harsh weather
When the time comes to find an installer for the metal roof that you want, check into Quarve. We are able to walk you through the process and have complete control over choosing, cutting and installing your metal roof so it fits the needs that you have beautifully.  Visit our Pinterest metal roofing page to see a sample of some of the recent projects we've done in the Twin Cities.