2013-12-13_1453With all the snow and cold we've had in Minnesota the past couple of weeks, there is no doubt that winter came in with a vengeance.   Although most people would rather work inside in this weather, often winter is the time when roof repairs seem to be needed, and homeowners often times question whether they should move forward with a new roof during this cold and wet season or hold out until the spring time comes back around again.

Could This Roof Repair or Replacement Be Done Later?

Repairs on a roof can be completed at any time, on any day, throughout the year. However, during the colder months, the quality of the repair might be affected by the wet, cold conditions that they were done in. Many manufacturers of roofing materials have specific temperature requirements that should be adhered to when it comes to placing them on a roof. Usually, this is 26°F or higher.  This means roofing is possible on warmer winter days, but many precautions should be taken as well. Any type of sealing could be changed and jeopardized at colder temperatures; material warranties are more temperature dependent than related to the calendar. Anything that requires thermal sealing cannot be done if the temperatures are not 40ºF or higher. Roofing guns are another thing that shouldn't be used in lower temperatures as well.  Depending on the materials, having a roof installed when the temperatures are colder and snow is falling might not be the best option.

Here in Minneapolis ice is a strong possibility when it comes to work on the roof that you have, which means that the roofers have to be very careful when the time comes to put the new roof on in colder months.   Also, you do not want the existing roof to be removed without having it be replaced the same day as well, especially during the winter months - an open roofing structure can be problematic in cold, wet weather.  But sometimes there are emergencies where repairs can and should not wait because conditions could cause damage to the roof. You're usually able to have temporary repairs made during the winter, as well as temporary fixes to  prevent ice dams from happening.  The bottom line?  Unless it's an unusually warm Minnesota winter, roof work should be limited to necessary repairs that can't be put off without further damage happening.  If it can be postponed, full roof replacement should wait until the weather warms up.

Should You Have  Winter Roof Work Done Now?

Sometimes winter conditions can make a bad roof worse, and as the temperatures rise and fall, the roof is going to feel the effects of this when it expands and contracts. The weight of snow can make a big difference when it comes to how the roof is able to function, especially if it's an older roof that's already got some problem areas.  Under these circumstances, a winter roof replacement is the answer to avoiding major structural damage.  But one of the biggest perks of working with a Minneapolis roofing contractor during the winter is the fact that you're able to get it done sooner rather than later.   Roofers can work in relative comfort, compared to the 100°+ temps they sometimes face up on a roof in warm weather.  However, the roofers should take extreme caution when it comes to installing a roof during the winter months.

Would You Choose to Have Your Roof Replaced in Winter?

There are numbers of contractors that offer discounts on many repairs and re-roofing jobs that need to be done in the winter months. Sometimes a roof is too far gone during the winter to wait until summer to have it done and this is when a homeowner should take advantage of these discounts. Often you can save up to 25% more by having it done in the winter. You will still have the same warranty and get provided with high quality products just the same.  A reputable professional roofing contractor can help you evaluate the weather and your rof conditions to help you make an informed decision.

Here at Quarve we are able to take on your roofing repairs and installations for you, even during the winter. You shouldn't have to worry about a bad roof when the wind is whipping and the snow is melting, so make sure to speak with us today about the fixes that can be done immediately by our St. Paul and Minneapolis MN area roofing company.