12dec13b2If you're like many Minnesota homeowners, you're concerned about the impact that your lifestyle has on the environment, even when it comes to home maintenance and improvements.

There is not a specific list of things that can make your home improvement project eco-friendly, because there are so many available options.  But generally you can approach the project and finish with the thought in mind to keep everything as eco-friendly as possible. Not only does this make the home more sustainable, but the way that the work is done can decrease the impact that the construction work itself has on the environment. Always keep some things in mind when it comes down to making sure that you're more eco-friendly in your remodeling project.

Choosing The  Most Eco-Friendly Building Materials

When it comes to remodeling in a green way, you should try to use as many eco-friendly products as you can find. The materials should all be long-lasting and free of toxins. They should be able to be recycled - both the construction debris and the product itself when its useful life is over. Consider some of these points when choosing products.
  • Fabrication or where and how the product is made.
  • Longevity or the length of time the product is going to be good for.
  • Are the materials free of toxins?
  • What is the long term sustainability of the products? Will they become a permanent fixture within the home?

Home Improvement Upgrades That Save MN Resources

When you go to remodel your home, it is a chance to put in features that might be able to lower the amount of natural resources that are used on an everyday basis. They can save on short, long and monthly operating costs of the home. Items to consider are energy-efficient or low-flow water options. Think about conserving resources both inside and outside of your home:
  • Lighting
  • Water
  • Heating and cooling
  • Cooking and laundry (gas and electricity)

Sustainability of the Design

The design of your home improvement project should be one that is universal but also sustainable. It should be able to accommodate many different users with both the style and use. This means home improvements that will work for families with young children, empty-nesters still in their working years, and aging seniors.  With the concept of universal and sustainable design, there is less of a chance of these items needing more remodeling done due changing needs of the owner. The design should save on any future resources and require little to no alterations later on down the road. Hiring a contractor that understands more about going green can help you squeeze out a few extra dollars along the way. Quarve is committed to providing the best results on all of the home remodeling projects that we do. We are able to provide green remodeling practices and offer many different eco-friendly products such as steel roofing and siding, fiber cement siding and energy-efficient windows and doors.  If protecting Minnesota's environment while you protect your home is important to you, give us a call - we can help.