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When the time comes to consider doing some home improvement projects, you may find that more and more people will come knocking at your door looking to help with their 'experience'.  Often these people are just out there to collect your deposit and leave you hanging when it comes to actually get the work done; reputable contractors rarely make cold calls door-to-door, so you should be aware before someone comes knocking at your door.  Here are just a few of the most popular door-to-door home improvement scams:

  • Asphalt Pavers – They offer some of the lowest paving prices you've ever seen, stating that they have leftover materials and are willing to finish your drive. The work they do and the materials they have are not up to standards, and the quality of the work that is done is just as poor.
  • Contractors for Home Improvement – Anyone that comes to your door for this job is usually not insured, not licensed and does not have the necessary qualifications.
  • Chimney, Heating and Rooting Contractors – They usually come up with a list of different repairs that need to be done that really are not necessary.
  • Clean-up Crews, Landscapers and Snow Removers – They are usually looking for a large deposit and give you no background information.  Rarely will they do any work - the routine is usually 'take the money and run.'
  • Alarm System Sales – These companies generate many complaints to the local Bettter Business Bureaus.  You may enter into a contract for the service but what they deliver in terms of monitoring (if anything) doesn't match up to the  paperwork.
That being said, you should also know that not everyone is out there trying to scam people into buying what they are offering. This just means that you have to do a bit more research on the companies you're thinking of hiring before you actually sign a contract or hand over any money. The BBB is also available to give you more information on different businesses that you come across. Keep these tips in mind for the next time someone comes knocking.
  • Do not make any decisions at your front door. You should do the research and then call someone to come back to give you more information. Furthermore, do not invite these unexpected callers into your home.  They might not be selling anything at all - they're hoping you'll ask them in so they can size up your home for a later 'visit.'
  • Ask for more information and their identification. They should be able to leave you with more information and also let you see who they are. Any reputable company will give you the needed time to do the research.
  • Avoid dealing with anyone asking you to make your deposit that same day with them before they leave.
  • Any contractors should show proof of their license, insurance and registration if needed before doing any work with you.
  • Make sure to have everything written down before anything is to start.
Quarve has a reputation for honesty and quality workmanship, with over 30 years' worth of satisfied customers to prove it.  If you've got exterior home improvement plans, we can take a look at what you need  to have done and make the most out of the experience to ensure that you're happy.