If you're building new one, remodeling the old, or just wanted to replace the windows throughout your home, you have many different types of windows out there to select from. Choosing the best windows for your home is a good thing to think about in any situation, since it will make your home more enjoyable and beautiful on the inside and outside of the home.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are not able to be opened but can let light in and offer a nice view. Larger windows and smaller ones in basements are usually fixed windows. Many picture windows are fixed because they are just too large to actually open. You can get more protection against the elements when it comes to a fixed window since it is completely sealed.  Fixed windows are also great options when you need light in an area where you can't reach it to open it anyway, such as in a stairwell.

Casement Windows

Casement windows can go along side picture windows and are often part of a bay or bow window configuration, although they're often used by themselves.  They work by opening up with a crank. They are able to be opened outward which gives you more options on how far to open the window and they are also able to seal completely shut when closed, which makes them an energy-efficient choice. They are not able to be placed by a deck due to opening outward, so want to ensure that wherever they are placed, there is clearance to open them completely.  They are a great choice if you're making improvements for gracious living in your retirement years, since they are much easier to open than double-hungs.

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

Single hung windows have two sashes on them, but only the bottom one is able to open by being moved up. This can bring more breeze into the house. These can be energy-efficient as long as they are installed correctly.  Double hung windows are a lot like single-hung, but both of the sashes are able to be moved. You can open both ends if you choose or just one. Both panels move on a vertical track so it doesn't take a lot of space up in the house.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have a panel that is able to be moved from side to side. It is a common window to use. You can also add screens to the window to keep out debris and bugs.  A sliding window can also be used an emergency exit if it is wide enough for you to fit through.  These are also a great choice for older homeowners due to ease of operation.

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