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With all of the recent snow, you may have noticed that your chimney is leaking. It is one of the more common problems of Minneapolis homeowners.  The problem could be the flashing.  Flashing is what protects the area where the chimney attaches to the roof structure. When the flashing is worn down and old, it can be ripped off the chimney with wind or snow and is no longer doing its job.

If you find the leak and place brick sealant or another type of sealer on the chimney, then you may be able to stop the leaks. However, a chimney leak can be tricky and you do not want to make the chimney worse by not completely fixing the problem at hand. This is why hiring a professional in the Minneapolis area is recommended to ensure that you get your roof around the chimney completely fixed.  There may be problems underneath the flashing and the roofing that you're not aware of, and a 'bandaid' type fix only disguises the problem and could actually make it worse.  For most homeowners, it's a job best left to a roof repair contractor.

Get a Roof Inspection

The inspector should be able to go over the entire chimney area and the roofing as a whole to see if there are other problems that might exist.  He will look for broken or missing pieces, water stains, damaged bricks on the chimney or many other things that might indicate where the leak is coming from. Having this inspection will give you more information on how you should proceed. Make sure you to have the inspector check your gutters as long as he is up on the roof.  Damaged gutters can also be a cause of winter roof problems.

Replacement of Chimney Flashing

Assuming that there is a problem with the flashing on the chimney, you will have to have it replaced. When flashing becomes broken or rusted out, it is not doing the job it is meant to do.  Make sure that it is replaced as soon as possible to prevent any further damage from happening.

When it comes to having the roof around your chimney repaired, you should consider working with the professionals here at Quarve. We are able to provide a comprehensive overview of the roof and chimney that you have, while also providing top quality materials to fix the problem.  Chimney leaks in the winter here in the Minneapolis area aren't something that should be ignored.  We can help you take care of it right away.