When it comes to any home remodeling that you want to have done, it might be one of the biggest investments that you'll ever have to make next to buying the home. You want to know that you're hiring the right contractor for the job.  The home improvement contractor you select should be a dedicated professional when it comes to taking care of your needs. Professional industry membership and certification are often an indication of  professionalism and quality workmanship.  One such association is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).  Quarve is proud to be part of the NARI, and we thought it might be helpful for our customers to understand what that means to you.

12dec18b212NARI has a certification program that provides homeowners with the assurance knowing that everyone who leaves this program is able to take on a remodeling project and get it done right. They go through extensive training, screening and testing to ensure that they are knowledgeable about each field.  NARI also requires that the professionals come back regularly to keep their certification and get updated training.

Professional, full-time remodeling contractors are those who are qualified for this program to become certified. These individuals make a strong commitment to their jobs, and they love what they do. Any contractor whois NARI certified provides the work that you need without letting you down. Before the individuals are able to be certified through NARI, they have to have had at least five years of remodeling experience.

How Home Improvement Contractors Get Certified By NARI

The process to be certified is a challenging one. Contractors need to have extensive knowledge in the remodeling field. They have to be professional and have sound values and work ethics. And they go through a screening and testing process to ensure that they are able to provide proven results and quality to their customers.  When you choose a skilled, NARI certified remodeler for the job at your home, you get:

  • A professional that went through extensive review through the NARI Certification Board through hands on experiences, training, continued education, technical skills, business management and community service.
  • Committed themselves to this extensive training on a broad range of issues and topics in the industry. Long study hours and a large, detailed exam.
  • Completed a written exam detailing the many parts of the industry and passed.
In order to keep their certification with NARI, the professionals have to go with the annual re-certification requirements set forth by NARI. They continue their education and also take part in the industry related programs that are offered.

Quarve is proud to be certified by the NARI and is a member of the association's Minnesota chapter. Call us today to find out what we can provide you with when it comes to your remodeling dreams and ambitions.