green livingThese days, more and more Minnesota homeowners are taking steps to improve the environmental effects of their lives, and that includes their homes.  A lot of Minnesota homeowners are now making the most informed decisions that they can on how to decrease the amount of energy consumption they use and boost the efficiency of their homes.

With the availability of energy-smart materials to build with, affordability of these materials and the benefits you get from them, it is easier than ever to have an energy-efficient home. You're able to save money by such things as replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents and replacing your old appliances with EnergyStar-rated models, but there are many other options if you're looking for a greener home.

If you're thinking about boosting the energy efficiency of your home and are serious about it, speaking with a certified building inspector and a Minneapolis and St. Paul MN area home improvement contractor that doesn't focus on one product more than others but actually looks at the home and thinks about which items might work in your home to help save you energy.  There are tests that the professional inspector does in order to assess the energy efficiency of the home currently and to provide an overall rating for the whole home. This is the same process energy-efficient appliances go through to get rated.  Then with the information that the homeowners are given, they can then make plans on what to do about making their home more energy-efficient.

According to the US Department of Energy, the heating and cooling costs inside a home account for around 55% or more of the energy use inside a normal US home. Smart thermostats and light sensors can  help you correct and adjust the amount of energy that is used in a day. And air infiltration throughout the home should be corrected as well to minimize heat loss. The balance for this can be found when energy efficiency and air quality are both evaluated. Sealing the home up tight can ensure that you do not lose air, but at the same time having it sealed up too tight can promote bad air quality.

If doing your part to protect Minnesota's precious natural resources is important to you, consider making your next exterior home improvement product an eco-friendly one.  At Quarve Contracting, we're committed to green exterior home remodeling and offer a variety of green home improvement solutions such as doors and windows that are energy efficient, and roofing and siding that is easy on the the environment.  Give us a call today to find out more.