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If you've ventured up into your attic in this arctic-like season, you may have noticed frost, which is an indicator of damage waiting to happen.

There are a lot of problems that can arise when it comes to having frost in your attic. A Minneapolis building inspector has posted an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to let you know more about the frost that you may have found in your attic.

If you do not have enough ventilation or air flow in the attic and too much humidity throughout the home, you're probably going to have a problem with frost in the attic. Not only can this cause ice problems, but when it melts it can leak through the ceiling and after some time, can cause structural problems with your home. However, by doing some smaller things throughout your home and the attic, you're then able to keep the frost away which might save the integrity of the structure overall. Decreasing the pressure, adding more ventilation and decreasing humidity are all ways to reduce the amount of frost and leaks throughout the attic.

Why Should You Read Up on Attic Frost?
  • Understand what causes the frost to happen in the attic
  • Find out how you can reduce or even eliminate the amount of frost in the attic
  • Find out what happens if the frost is not removed from the attic
  • Get answers about frost in the attic answered
  • Find out why certain fixes shouldn't be overdone since they can cause more frost to happen
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