If it's time for a new roof on your MN home, we suggest you consider metal roofing.  Why?  Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular for homeowners in the country. It is the fastest growing industry within the market today.

Many homeowners choose not to go with the traditional profile of standing seam metal roof and opt for the metal shingles instead but actually do not know if they are the right investment to make for their homes.  As you look into metal roofing options, you'll find you can choose between everything from shingles, one piece, tile, slate and so on.  Since metal roofing comes in many different styles and sizes, it is important to know what sets each of them apart to make them different.

You should keep in mind that not every single metal shingle is the same as the next. They each lock together in different ways, which can be either good or bad for the home that you have. Some have locks on all four sides, while others only lock on the top and bottom. Some just have fasteners that are placed into the roof and no locks at all between them.

In addition to types of shingles, you need to consider the finish.  Not all of the metal roof products provide finishers on top of them which can provide extra durability and even a way for the color to be retained in the metal. If you're shopping for metal roofing, this is an important aspect to inquire about.  A protective finish is what will keep that roof looking like new for years to come.

Since metal roofing shingle products have a distinctive look, they are becoming widely popular and used for homes.   We're finding that many homeowners are passing up the commercial look of traditional metal roofing and going with metal shingles instead since they have a more residential and homey appearance.

No matter what your preference in the roofing style, you may want to put metal roofing at the top of your consideration list.  Metal roofing - whether shingle profile or any other style - offers a lot in return for the investment. It is durable, resistant to fire and fungus, has low weight and many other benefits for your home.  Metal roofs have up to 95% recycled materials in their make-up. And when it comes to longevity, metal roofing can't be matched by other roofing materials.  It is made to provide shelter and protect the home while also being beautiful for many years.  In fact, if you install a metal roof on your home, you'll probably never need another.

If you've got questions about metal shingles or other types of metal roofing, give us a call.  As a Minneapolis and St. Paul area roofing contractor, we install metal roofing from manufacturers such as Kassel & Irons.  We highly recommend it as a high quality roofing choice for your home. Call us today at 763.785.1472 to set up an appointment to speak about the metal roof you'd like to have placed on your home.