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Is this the year you put your house on the market?  When you're thinking about selling your home, you also have to think about what is going to make it more attractive to those buyers out there that may look at it.,  You've probably seen the amount of 'For Sale' signs around town, so you know you've got competition.  You can improve your chances of your home getting noticed with certain improvements, but you want to ensure that you get a good return on your investment with the home that you have.  Not all improvements translate into increased value.

A lot of times homeowners think that cost of home improvements equals increase in value, and this is not true when it comes to renovations that are done. Sometimes some of the smaller projects that you do will return more of a profit than those larger ones.  And some things you do won't translate into an increase at all.

If you want to get your hands wet with a major construction, then start in the kitchen. The kitchen can be a selling point of any home and one that has a beautiful kitchen will sell for more than one that does not have one. This is the one place that you're able to make most of your money back. Upgrade the kitchen to a mid-level value compared to homes similar to yours - something not too flashy but something that definitely stands out. Try energy-efficient items and materials made from renewable or sustainable resources to provide people with a greener option.  Eco-friendly homes are definitely a big draw these days.  As full-service exterior home improvement contractors specializing in green remodeling, we've found that our metal roofing and metal siding products are very popular.

Go with some of the smaller renovations as well.  Some of these you may be able do yourself and get them done without spending a lot but making the home look better overall. You can paint the walls beautiful, neutral colors and power wash the outside of the home. Upgrade counter tops, add a backsplash where it might be needed, and add molding and baseboards where they can improve the look of the inside of the home. Think about making the closets and storage spaces larger so they can give a great impression on those that look in the home.  While these types of cosmetic improvements won't necessarily boost your home's value, they will make your home more attractive to buyers, and they might just provide the edge you need over the competition.

The biggest and best investment that you can make on top of all this is the fact that you can make your curb appeal stand out so much more than it does with a lot of smaller fixes around the outside. Real estate professionals agree that with a choice between interior and exterior remodeling, always go for the ones that are visible from the street first.  For instance, upgrading your siding is a big thing to consider when it comes to making the outside of your home stand out and look beautiful in the neighborhood.

Here at Quarve, we provide Minneapolis and St. Paul MN siding installation for all of the needs that you have at your home. Upgrade your siding today, even if you're not ready to sell!  Call us for a free consultation - 763.785.1472.