05may09f6a14Now that the warm weather has hit the Twin Cities, it's time for some home fix-ups that you may have put off.  The exterior of any home is going to need some attention, just like the inside. What kind of shape is yours in after this last winter?  You want to make sure it looks nice, but you also want to ensure that it has that curb appeal that you're looking for and that it is fully functional. You're able to make a grand entrance in the neighborhood when you choose to go with some of these easy fixes to make your home look the best that it can on the outside. Easy Exterior Upgrades for Curb Appeal
  • Your Front Door - Top Priority:  The main door of your home says a lot about your home. You should choose a color that compliments the rest of the home and that stands out a bit. You do not have to do fire truck red, but something that makes the rest of the home 'pop' out can be appealing. Make sure to add an appealing door handle or knocker to it as well. This can be something that makes the door stand out more and says something about your home overall.  And if your front entry door is in bad shape, it may be time to replace it as well.  Believe it or not, replacing your front door is one of the top cost-to-value improvements you can make in terms of upping the value of your home.
  • Landscape Plantings:  Plantings beneath your porch and around the outside of your home can make the yard and the home look beautiful. You want to choose unique plantings that stand out and add color and flavor to your home. These can be placed at the entrance of the home to invite guests in.  Adding shrubs and decorative foliage plants near your foundation can also dress up your house.
  • House Numbers - Functional But Not Boring:  Consider how the house number looks on your home. You want to make sure that it stands out so it can easily be seen, but you can also have fun with it when you choose to use ones that are unique and bold. You can use decorative accents to make the area for your home numbers to stand out.
  • Chose a Great Mailbox: You can choose from many specially designed mailboxes that are able to stand out and actually greet the post man. Make sure that your home numbers are also shown on it. Make it match your home and look great at the same time.  If your mailbox is right next to your front door, consider coordinating it with your door hardware and/or exterior lights.
  • Outdoor Lights: Lighting outside of the home can make it stand out when the sun sets, but it is also important to provide security when it is needed. There many different lighting options for the front your home that make the yard look beautiful.  You can choose wall-mount sconces to flank your front door, an overhead pendant if you've got a covered entry, and even soft landscape lighting that illuminates the front of your home from the ground.
  • Say 'Welcome' With Your Doormat: This can say it all about your home. Choose something that is beautiful and adds to the beauty of the home. You have many to choose from; or if you want something a bit more personalized and to ensure that it matches your home and your tastes, you're able to create your own distinctive mat at a variety of sites online.
In addition to these simple and inexpensive fixes, if you're willing to spend a bit more, Quarve is able to offer many different exterior home services such as replacement windows and doors, siding, roofing, and gutters.  We are a full-service exterior home remodeling company serving the entire St. Paul and Minneapolis MN area.  For a free consultation, call us today - 763.785.1472.