Small upgrades on your home can do a lot to boost its value.  Just by adding things throughout the home such as windows and doors can bring in a larger return on investment overall and provide you with some of your money.Usually these things are done hand in hand with other large projects, but each one is able to bring more of a return when it comes to selling your home in the future.

Fiberglass-Entry-Doors-With-SidelightsThe highest return on investment when it comes to home remodeling is when the exterior doors in the home are replaced. This can be a side door, front door, garage door and so on, but the one that gets the most attention - and delivers the most return on investment - is the front door.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing an exterior front door for your home. Perhaps you've strolled through the door aisles of your favorite home improvement store.  However, the ones you see in those stores are only a small number of what is available to you to put on your home. Not only that, but you can choose the door and then choose different hardware for it such as the hinges and knobs.  And there are other options such as size and type of glass, sidelights, transoms, etc.  But for your door to be the best, all those elements have to work together.

This is why knowing and understanding the style of your home is important. Sometimes a home is not designed for a style you're considering.  At other times, you might be able to mix and match architectural elements when it comes to adding a new door onto your home.  The bottom line?  The right door is able to set the look for your home when you choose the appropriate one for the job.  Remember, for most homes, the front door is the element visitors notice first, which means your door choice is an important one.

In addition to selecting style, another decision is the type of door.  There are also many materials that exterior doors are made of such as wood, fiberglass, metal or steel. Each has different pros and con,s and depending on the look that you're after and the extras that you want to come with your door, you might want to go with one over another.

Cost is another big factor to consider when it comes to front doors. You might be able to just replace the door without having to worry about changing the frame, but some doors can only be installed using frames that go with them. You have to consider all of the alternatives when it comes to adding a door to your home and making sure that it fits and is the right look for your home.

There are different ways that you can go about choosing the front door that is right for your home: Do it yourself and do the research, trust the salespeople (since they're supposed to know a lot more about doors than you do), or hire an independent residential architect design professional to let you know more.  Then again, an exterior home improvement contractor who is experienced in installation of entry doors may also be a good resource.  A contractor like this has installed many doors and most likely has developed a feel for what looks good.

If you can only do one fix-up on your home this year, consider replacing your entry door.  Up your property’s value by adding a new front door to your home. Speak with us here at Quarve where we can install doors from a Minnesota Company – Andersen. We can provide high quality work and products at an affordable price.  Call us today for a free consultation - 763.785.1472.