05may19c3a14People love metal siding because it's virtually maintenance-free.  But that doesn't mean it won't require periodic cleaning.  Proper cleaning is important to make sure that your steel siding lasts a long time. It's a good idea to give it a good cleaning every six months.  It's important to use a cleaning solution that's safe for metal, because there are chemical cleaners that can actually cause corrosion.  Here are some tips to make sure that your steel siding is looking its best and lasts a long time. Turn Off Your Outdoor Lighting

You need to make sure that any electrical systems are properly turned off to ensure that nothing is going to shock you since you're going to be using-high pressured water in order to clean off the sides of the home.

Add Your Detergent

Just mix 1/3 cup of laundry detergent to six gallons of water. This can clean the siding without a problem and is inexpensive. Fill up the power washer using the cleaning solution that you have mixed together.

Scrub it Down

Use a soft walled brush with a long handle to scrub the outside of the siding thoroughly. You should scrub in a horizontal manner and in a vertical one as well. This will help to loosen any grime and dirt that might be built up on the sides.

Make a New Solution with Bleach

If you find mold or algae on your siding, you can mix up a bleach solution to kill it and remove it. Mix 1 part bleach in 3 parts water in a plastic spray bottle and then spray the mold thoroughly. Use a step ladder if it is in a hard to reach area, but use caution.  Remember, you're working with water, which can make the grass or ground around the house slippery.

Set Up the Power Washer

Set the washer on the lowest setting and then use it to remove dirt and grime in the crevices and cracks throughout the siding. These areas are those that you could not reach using the brush. Do not use too much pressure;  always use on low, since higher ones can possibly cause damage.  Steel siding is durable and exceptionally strong, engineered to resist impacts such as heavy wind-driven rain and hail, but the force generated by a pressure washer on high is substantially greater than natural forces.

Rinse It Off

You can then use a standard garden hose to rinse the solution off of your siding. Make sure to rinse the cleaning solution off thoroughly so it does not dry in the sun.  You can then let it air dry.

Here at Quarve, we are a MN siding contractor that is able to provide you with more in-depth information on caring for and repairing your steel siding.  If your siding needs more than a good cleaning, perhaps it's time to replace it with beautiful, durable steel siding - call us today for a free estimate.  763.785.1472. We serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including the communities of Stillwater MN 55082, Inver Grove Heights MN 55077, Vadnais Heights MN 55127, Edina MN 55424 and White Bear Lake MN 55110.