Winter is a tough time for a lot of people, and here in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, this past one was one of the worst.  Minnesota winters often bring lot of high winds, freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice and sleet that have to be dealt with. Addressing winter storm damage when the weather is nice again is essential.    Many homes around the Twin Cities are needing some help to recover; if you suspect your home got hit hard, here are some key areas that should be inspected.

Inspect for Damage to Roofing and Gutters The roof and gutters on a home are some of the biggest areas that take a lot of damage throughout the winter. This is because they have to deal with the build-up of snow and ice, and sometimes these areas can become damaged because of it.  Ice dams form, melt, form again, and ruin a lot of areas of the roof, not to mention blocking or damaging the gutters. Freezing Temps Can Damage Pipes

The pipes in your home are an important element, which means you need to make sure that you take extra good care of them during the winter. If they freeze, they may burst, causing a huge mess and a large problem.  If you've noticed any leaks around your pipes, it's time to have a plumber come out and assess the situation.

Fallen or Damaged Trees Need Attention

When snow builds up, it gets heavy which means that a lot of trees around your home can take a beating and even break or fall. These can fall on power lines and block your way around your home. Sometimes, they can even fall on your home, causing roofing and other exterior damage. If you've got trees close to your home, now is a good time to give them a thorough going over to make sure there aren't any broken or damaged limbs that could come crashing down in the next severe storm. Even if your trees appear to have survived the winter, they may have been weakened by the heavy snow.  And smaller, less-established trees may have suffered from the extreme cold.  By having broken and damaged trees removed or cut back, you can eliminate any problems that you might come across in the near future.

Did Winter Do a Number on Your Siding?

The wind that comes with winter whips around, and it can cause your siding to become loose and fall off. This means the inside of your home is no longer being protected by the outside shell. You are getting water inside the structure as well as the foundation of the home. This can lead to mold and mildew, rodents and pests. Repairing these problems as soon as possible is a must.

Structure Issues and Leaking

No matter what is leaking - the doors, windows, roof, whatever it is inside the home – it needs to be fixed, or you may get pests, mold and mildew all throughout your home. Any leaks or dampness in the basement should be addressed as well, since this can cause the foundation to break.

When the time comes to assess and fix these areas of concern, you should trust an expert with the work. Here at Quarve, the full-service exterior home improvement company, we are able to provide multiple services so you do not have to worry about larger problems happening.  We are experts in exterior storm damage repair to areas such as roofing and siding.  If you've got concerns about how your home held up to last winter, call today to arrange for a no-obligation inspection.  763.785.1472.