Minneapolis is known for some harsh winters and wet springs which means that having gutters that actually work is a must. When they are properly installed, they are able to protect the foundation of the home and the overall structure. Dripping water can cause permanent damage and erosion on your home and its foundation as well as break down its integrity over time if gutters are not installed correctly or need to be replaced.

Consider This Before Replacing the Gutters

There are some tips that you should keep in mind when the gutter system that you currently own is not doing the job that it should be doing.

The gutters should be purchased in the right material for your home.  They are available in many different types such as aluminum, steel, vinyl and copper. It's important to choose the best one for the job that fits within your budget and complements such things as your siding and trim.  Although galvanized metal is extremely affordable, it is one material that is able to rust. While vinyl gutters are not susceptible to rust, they are prone to cracking from extreme cold and freezing/expanding water.

Gutters come in many shapes and sizes;  you should choose the ones that work and fit the best on your home. This is a must - they function best when they fit well.

There are two types of gutter systems -  a seamless style, as well as sectional gutters. Sectional gutters require many different pieces that are put together around the home, but seamless gutters are just one long, connected piece without the extra parts. Seamless gutters are  easier to maintain since they do not hve joints that need to be periodically resealed, and they are custom fit to your home.

Make sure to get the right size for the gutters. Also important is the number of downspouts.  Size and downspouts are determined by considering the average rain fall in your area, roof size and slope. This can then determine whether your home is going to need 4”, 5” or 6” gutters placed around the home. An experienced, professional gutter installation contractor can recommend the best configuration for your home.

Make sure to look at all of the options available to add to the gutters. You can increase the system's efficiency with extras added onto them such as the splash blocks, gutter guards, diffusers and gutter chains.

Here at Quarve we offer seamless gutter systems that provide the efficiency that you're looking to get on the roof that you own. Keep your home's foundation protected with the right system for you, your home and the amount of water that falls. We provide Minneapolis St. Paul MN gutter installation for both homes and commercial properties. For a free estimate, give us a call today - 763.785.1472.