Roofs are everywhere.  Most people don't pay close attention to the details of a roof, but there are quite a few different styles.  The original roof was probably just a flat piece set over a dwelling to keep the weather out, but over time roofs have evolved as builders have continually re-engineered them and come with ways to make them better when it comes to efficiency and working well for the type of building. Some roofs fit better on some houses than others, and some roof styles are more appropriate for certain climates. There are many roofs to choose from, but you need to ensure that you choose the best one for your home and that fits your tastes.

06jun26b2a14ed The Gable Roof:  This is a simple design and style. It is the most common roof style, and this roof may have additional gables on it which produce an inverted or upside down V shape to it. Gable roofs have a number of variations.  A roof with several gables is not ideal choice to have in areas where there are high winds or heavy snowfall. This is because the gable sections catch the wind like a sail, and those deep v's (called valleys) can hold onto the snow for quite some time. The Flat Roof:  These are a common roof to put on commercial buildings. Flat roofs are sometimes put on porches.  This type is a simpler roof; it has no pitch - it is all flat. Rubber roofing systems are usually used with these types of roofs.  Due to the heavy snow load we get in the Minneapolis area, we don't recommend flat roofs for homes. The Hip Roof:  This is a common roof style for residential homes. It is a more difficult design to construct than a gable roof, since it has a more complicated underlying structure of trusses and rafters.  There are four sloping sides around the home with a zero vertical roof line and walls. They are able to be constructed in a square or rectangular shape. The Gambrel Roof:  This is a barn type of roof. It is most commonly used on them, but can be found on residential homes. It provides a decent amount of space throughout the attic so that it can be finished as an additional living area such as a bedroom or family room.  Because of the somewhat curved shape, snow tends to slide off a gamble roof more easily than many other types. The Dutch Hip Roof:  This is a hip roof that just adds an extra small gable on each side of the home. These gables are used to ventilate or add light to an attic. The Shed Roof:  This is a flat roof with a little more pitch to it. It can be used on additions in homes or in conjunction with other roofing styles. The Mansard Roof:  This is a French style roof; it has a complicated construction, but it is one of the more beautiful and luxurious roofing choices. It will also give your home a different look.  The mansard roof is common on period homes such as Italianate and Empire.  Many Victorian homes have mansard sections combined with cupolas, domes, and other unique roofing structures. The A-Frame Roof:  These roofs are generally used for cottages, lake cabins, churches, homes and other quaint structures like ski huts. They are the roof and the walls of the entire structure in one piece. The Folded Plate Roof: This is a rarely-used roofing style on single-family homes. It is simply a series of smaller sized gable roofs that are placed side by side to create the entire roof.  This type of roof is often used on multi-unit housing like adjacent town houses and duplexes. For the most part, unless you are putting an addition on your home or making structural changes, you need to stay with the roofing style you have.  But whatever the roof style, we can install a roofing material that will make it look and work the best possible.  If you are considering a new roof for your home, speak with the professionals here at Quarve. We are the premier MN roofing company that is able to provide the best services and products. You will be glad and feel more comfortable once your new roof is installed. Check out options on our Pinterest boards.