When it comes to remodeling your home, it's a good ideal to evaluate whether the upgrades you are considering are  energy efficient, sustainable and 'green'. This includes when you decide to build your new home.  Eco-friendly items will save on you utility bills, and many will also save you money in the long run in other ways, such as lower maintenance or upkeep costs.

The green practices that are being used in remodeling and construction have come a long way in the recent years. A lot of homes are over 100 times more energy efficient than homes built 50 years ago, and this is good for everyone's pockets.

It doesn't even have to mean that remodeling or building is more expensive, either. You are reducing your expenses when you use traditional materials in a more efficient manner. You can have more cost saving benefits, along with comfort and quality while using your home. There are so many options that are available for the home owners to use to their advantage. Here are some of the ways that your home can be made more energy-efficient.

  • Choose building materials that are sustainable and energy-efficient
  • Get roofing materials that reflect and do not hold the heat within them. Go with lighter colored roofing materials and if you can, install solar panels to collect energy to be used later on
  • Use paints, sealants and adhesives on the home that are eco-friendly
  • Install plenty of ventilation throughout the home with fans and vents to ensure that the steam and moisture goes outdoors
  • Make sure the home is tested for lead and radon
  • Choose high efficiency (or low-flow) bathroom fixtures and toilets that reduce the amount of water used, which decreases the amount you spend each month on your energy and water bills
  • Upgrade your appliances, heating and cooling system and hot water heater with new energy-efficient models that are able to save you even more money
  • Install more insulation to help hold in any heat or cool air; this is a good add-on if you're already having your siding replaced - have additional insulation installed under the siding
  • Upgrade the windows in your home for better energy efficiency throughout the home, especially if the windows you are currently using are old and outdated
For even more ideas, check out our Pinterest Board on Green Remodeling Ideas. If it's time for exterior remodeling on your home and you'd like some eco-friendly alterantives, give us a call today.  Here at Quarve, we are a licensed Minneapolis St. Paul MN full-service exterior home improvement contractor that is able to help with all of the upgrades that you would like to have done throughout your home to make it more energy efficient.  We specialize in green remodeling - we offer energy-efficient replacement windows and doors, as well as steel roofing and siding made from recycled metal.  For a free estimate, call us today - 763.785.1472.