07jul16c3a14You may have noticed that when it comes to roof designs, there are so many; this one, however, may be one of the most unusual.

The butterfly roof is an American design that was made to give a home a more modern appeal compared to some of the more traditional, run-of-the-mill roof designs. It lifts at the outer edges, much like a butterfly's wings, which is where it got its name from.

There are a number of variations on this design, but the most common one consists of side by side pieces which connect in the middle and then angle up and over the home. (The other popular variation is over a building constructed in two sections, such as a house with garage.  The photo below shows this split roof design.)

I07jul16d4a14n all variations of this unique roof design, the V shape is very pronounced; you can always point out a butterfly roof when you see one. This roof look gives the home the affect of looking taller than usual, since longer windows are used which allows for more sunlight. It can create an entirely different feeling inside the home during the day.

Different Types of Butterfly Roofs

Shed roofs with one flat gable and one angled side look like a wing of a butterfly. The saddle roof that has curved, downward pointing angles is another. A zigzagging pattern on a roof where more than one butterfly roof has been put together is yet another example. Any type of butterfly roof can be made to the homeowner's wants and needs.

There are weaknesses to having one of these roofs however, such as leaks or blocks in the drainage system that can make the pillars of the home weaker since they are not able to hold a lot of weight. These roofs are able to capture rainwater and then have the water drip into containers in the basement or elsewhere. This allows them to be more self sufficient when it comes to drinking water, showering, cooking or other water, which makes them an excellent eco-friendly roof design in areas where water supplies are limited.

The butterfly roof design is an unusual one and it is not the best choice to go with for Minnesota homes because of the heavy snowfall that we get, but having a metal roof installed can make heavy snow build-up less likely, which means more time to relax and less time worrying about the snow up above.  These roofs look best on modern style homes, industrial buildings, and similar structures.

Regardless of your home's design and the style of its roof, we've got the perfect roofing options for you.  Speak with us here at Quarve, the Minneapolis St. Paul MN roofing contractor that specializes in green remodeling solutions, such as metal roofing options to fit your home's needs.  Call today for a free estimate - 763.785.1472.