plain houseSooner or later, everyone who owns a house has to deal with the problem of pests.  For many, that means bugs.  However, pests can be just about any small animal - from squirrels to raccoons and bats. Rabbits, mice, and snakes also seem to be a problem for some homeowners, especially those in suburban areas.

It doesn't matter how your home looks on the outside or the inside, these pests can still be a problem. Some pests may not even be seen, such as squirrels and bats that get into the attic and avoid detection, but others such as termites and ants are more visible and hence often more annoying.  Whether seen or unseen, some of these pests can do some serious damage inside the home,  which can cost you money to repair the damage.

Some of the pests, such as bees, have a role in the world; for homeowners they're just considered pests because they are annoying. They can, however, pose a threat to the people that live inside the home, especially if someone has a bee sting allergy. This is a pest that is best left to a professional bee keeper. A professional who is experienced with bees can  remove the hive from the area and put it somewhere more appropriate.

Termites are another problem - they aren't dangerous to people, but termites attack the structural integrity of the home, which can be a problem. If there is a termite issue in the home, removing them and repairing the damage is a must.

Cockroaches can be an issue because you don't usually get one, you get hundreds to thousands of them. They can reproduce fast; they are especially drawn to food that has been left out. Cockroaches will hide in the walls of your home, and traps aren't very effective.  To rid your home of them (because not only are they an annoyance, they're a health hazard), you have to call in a professional exterminator.

On the exterior of your home, there are a number of creatures than are troublesome.  Squirrels and birds can build nests in small areas throughout the outside of the home where you do not want them. They can block gutters, causing the rain water to seep into the foundation of the home. A nest in a chimney can clog it and cause a chimney fire.  And then there are bats - small openings in your soffits or roof edge can make your attic a bat haven.  Bats aren't necessarily damaging to your home, but their fecal matter can cause a strong odor.

If your home has been assaulted by annoying pests, it's best to consider ways to remove them and then prevent them coming back.  Find out where they're getting in, and then close those areas up.   One of the best ways is to install siding and other exterior materials that are resistant to these types of pests. Here at Quarve we install steel siding and roofing that resists pest infestation and animal damage. Check out some of our steel siding projects that we've done in the past on our Pinterest Page.

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