When was the last time you thought about your home's roof?

Roofs are important for protecting any structure. This is why choosing the right roofing for your home in the Minneapolis and St. Paul MN is essential. For the longest time, asphalt shingles were the only readily-available, economical roofing material, so homeowners had to make do, or else spend a lot of money to have a wooden shake, slate, or clay tile roof installed.  (And those options are either high maintenance, costly, or not the best roofing solution for our climate.)

Now with the residential roofing technology that has emerged, you’re now able to choose a metal roof that provides even more benefits than asphalt for protecting your home.  Metal roofing:

  • Is energy efficient
  • Has a long life span
  • Is extremely durable compared to other options
One of the most popular metal roofing products are standing seam metal roofs. Here are the reasons you should choose one of these metal roofs compared to others.

If you have a low-pitched roof, a standing seam metal roof can provide you with the benefits needed.  Most people associate these roofs with pole barns or farm structures, but modern metal roofs nicely compliment homes of all designs.  The are especially practical for homes with a flatter roof pitch.  If you have asphalt shingles on a low pitched roof, it's possible for water to leak back under the shingles and then into the roof and ceiling of the home. This can cause costly water damage to the roof as well as the entire structure.  But standing seam metal roofing can be installed right over that old asphalt roof, taking care of the leak potential.  Water runs right off metal roofing, even a roof with that's got a flatter pitch.

In addition to these benefits, metal roofing has a long life span compared to asphalt. These roofs will last up to 50 years or more.  In fact, there are homes that have working metal roofs that are over 100 years old!  So when you dish out a little extra for a metal roof, that is the last time you’re going to have to pay for a new roof.

Metal roofing is strong and durable against any type of weather.  You know that here in Minnesota the winter can be quite harsh. A metal roof is one of a home's best defenses against a Minnesota winter as well as the heavy winds and rains of spring.  Having a metal roof ensures that you will not have any problems when it comes to ice dams or leaks within the roof.  Snow slides off instead of piling up, and you’re also able to enjoy the fact that very little maintenance is involved.

Concerned about the environment?  A metal roof is a great eco-friendly choice since it's made from recycled material and then can recycled again if it needs to be removed. You’re not only saving the world from the extra garbage that shingled roofs leave behind, but you’re creating another roof in the process. Plus, lasting 50 years or so means that less waste is produced because you won't have to replace your asphalt roof again in 15-20 years.  .

A standing seam metal roof is also an energy-wise choice to make for your home. Metal roofs reflect solar heat away from the home, so you'll see a decrease in your energy bills, up to 30% each month.

And they look nice when they are installed. This is one of the biggest issues that people come across when it comes to choosing the right roofing.  Metal roofs come in a variety of colors, and there are other profiles in addition to standing seam roofs.  You can choose a metal roof that looks like slate, wood shakes, or even asphalt and get the look without the drawbacks.

The resale value of a home with a metal roof is also extremely high compared to other roofing options. You can expect to recoup most of your money back when you go to sell your home down the road.

If you’re considering a new roof, talk to us here at Quarve. We are the premier licensed MN roofing contractor for the area. We can help with roof choice and installation. Check out our Pinterest site for some of the metal roofing options we offer.  And then give us a call - we never charge for our consultations, and we'd be happy to talk to you  about how a metal roof can protect your home.  763.785.1472.