Many people arrange for a building inspection prior to buying a home; in fact, lenders often require it.  But periodically inspecting your own home is essential, even after you’ve purchased it. How else are you going to know when something is wrong?

A home inspection can be revealing - sometimes the damage is noticeable, but you can come across not-so-obvious ones as well if you know what to look for.  You can hire a professional building inspector, but with a little homework you can handle a routine home inspection yourself.  Not sure how?  Check out this article from the Star Tribune - a professional Minneapolis building inspector gives a lot of advice and information on how to go about inspecting your own home.

What You’ll Learn From This Article:
  • Tips on inspecting your home the right way
  • Why you might want to hire a professional to help you out
  • Reasons why you might not want to overlook many spots
There are things that should probably be left to the pros, however.  A roof inspection is one of those.  Check the warranty that came with your roofing material - many roofing manufacturers require an annual roof inspection to keep the warranty in force.  A professional roofer is trained to spot things that you might have missed on your own inspection, but there are also some things that you are able to check yourself; just make sure to be careful while you’re up on the ladder! Quarve is able to offer these roof inspections for you,when you feel like you’ll need a bit of help.  Fall is a great time to have that inspection done; if there are problems, they can get taken care of before winter. Quarve is a licensed home improvement company serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, providing services such as roof repair and installation, siding, and other exterior home remodeling.  For a free consultation, call us today at 763.785.1472.