We hate to bring it up, but another potentially harsh winter here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area is just around the corner.  Extreme weather is able to take a toll on a lot of homes that are not well protected. The consequences can be bad, depending on what type of storm hits. When it comes to safely riding out a storm in your own home, it is always a good idea to take steps to make sure your home is as protected from the elements as it can be.

09sep25f6a14James Hardie siding can help with all storms. This is a quality siding option that is able to protect your home against the harshest of weather. Their siding and trim products can add beauty and durability to your home. It is also a siding that can boost the value of your home as well. There are many reasons why choosing to put James Hardie siding on your home can be a good idea  all year round, but especially for when strong storms blow through.
  • Durable - This is the number one reason why a lot of Twin Cities homeowners choose to go with fiber cement siding. It is able to outperform a number of other sidings such as wood and vinyl. It is resilient and resists cracking, chipping, breaking or splitting. It will not expand and contract, much like other siding would.
  • Stands up to High Winds - It can withstand strong, high winds that blow through Minnesota. It is 5x thicker than the other siding options, so you might not even hear the wind blowing. Concerned about wind-driven rainstorms that we get in the Minneapolis area?  It stands up against hurricanes in many places, since it is rated to stand strong against 150 mph winds, and the winds we get are below that level, even most tornadoes.
  • Resistant to Fire - It is approved for fire-rated construction and is non-combustible, which makes it ideal to place on a home. It will not fuel a fire, or ignite and cause a fire. This is one of the biggest features that people like.  And insurance companies like this, too.  Many homeowner's insurance companies offer discounts for homes sided with James Hardie fiber cement siding.
James Hardie Siding can be the beautiful, durable and safe solution that you can put on your home. This siding has a lot of different specifics that make it stand out from other types of siding. You can make the most of your home when you choose the right siding to do the job. Worried about what those winter storms might do to your home this year?  Speak with us here at Quarve, your licensed MN fiber cement siding contractor, regarding having James Hardie fiber cement siding placed on your home. You can choose the style and color to make your home stand out and look beautiful from the road and feel snug and comfortable inside, knowing you're protecting your home with some of the finest siding on the market.  There's still time to get that siding installed before another Minnesota winter hits - give us a call for a free estimate at 763.785.1472.