Now that fall is in full swing here in the Twin Cities, it's time for gutter clean-out.  When it comes to cleaning out the gutters, you may forget - we all sometimes do when it comes to the more mundane home maintenance chores. But did you know that cleaning gutters out is a very important task that you shouldn’t neglect? Not only are your gutters important for removing the water away from the home but without having them work properly, you’re actually creating more work for yourself and costing yourself more money when something needs to be replaced or fixed such as the roof or basement of your home.

There are so many reasons why you put off cleaning your gutters. People are busy, and sometimes you just do not have the time. When you do get that free time, you just want to relax. Or you may think the rain is keeping those gutters clean, with the rainwater washing things out.  This is not the case.  Just because you've got water coming through your downspouts doesn't mean there isn't debris building up in the gutters.  You need to make sure that they are cleaned out by you or by a professional company that knows how to clean them.

It is always good to clean the gutters of your home two to four times a year, depending on how much debris falls on your home. At the minimum they should be done before the spring rains and before winter.  You want to keep them cleaned out and free from this clutter so that the water is able to freely flow down the spout and away from the home. This is a good time to check for leaks.  Check the fasteners on the gutters, as well. These should be tightened to ensure optimum performance. You do not want foundation or siding damage to your home because you have a clogged gutter spilling water over the edge and down the side of your house.

Gutter clean-out isn't difficult.  You can climb up a ladder and scoop out the debris by hand or with a small hand shovel (don't use a sharp implement that could damage the gutter).  Then use regular garden hose to spray them out and clean them down. Be sure to flush out the downspouts to ensure there's no clogs there either. Hiring a company to clean them is also another great idea.  Just make sure the debris is out, one way or another.

Winter is soon upon us here in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.  Make sure your gutters are cleaned out and ready to go before ice dams form on your roof. If your gutters need a little more TLC than cleaning, consider installing a new set of steel gutters around the home. Here at Quarve, we are able to provide you with high quality seamless steel gutters to keep the water away from your home.  We offer gutter repair and installation.  For a free estimate, call us at 763.785.1472.