10oct10b2a14Have you checked the condition of your roof lately? Does it look like this?  Perhaps you're wondering why you might need a roof inspection before winter hits.

Even if your roof does not look damaged, it still might be time to have it inspected. This is because after the winter rolls around, you might notice the small problems turns into large damage when the weight of a heavy, wet snow piles up on your roof.  To be ready for the weather ahead, you want to make sure you have all the necessary roof repairs done and that you’re ready for the long, cold winter ahead.  While emergency roof repairs can be made in the winter, it's less expensive and more convenient to have them done now.

Why Should I Have a Roofing Inspection?

There are many reasons why you should have an inspection, the first one being that we do them for free here at Quarve.  It's a good idea to have a professional contractor look at your roof, even if you do not see noticeable damage.  We specialize in helping Minneapolis and St. Paul area homeowners protect their houses, so we want to make sure that your roof is taken care of.  A roof inspection can catch those little things that might go unnoticed to some.

Even if you're an experienced DIY'er, you never want to handle anything involving your roof.  A roofing professional is able to spot the problems you don't have the experience and training to identify, and a roofing contractor will know how to fix it based on the type of roofing you have.

What About a Roof Inspection After a Storm? You don’t see damage, but there has been a severe storm - now what? 

When a severe storm hits the Twin Cities - such as hail or rain driven by high winds - it is time for you to call! You might not be the expert in this field and your roof might look fine to you, but in fact it may not be. This is a common misconception and we cannot stress it enough that even if something looks alright on the outside, it might not be when it comes to the way that roof is able to function.  Storm damage is not always readily apparent, but a roofing professional has been trained to spot the telltale signs that indicate there could be trouble.

Winters throughout Minneapolis can become harsh and with them come snow storms and a wide range of other problems - you want to make sure that you’re covered with the right roof.  Get your roof a checkup before the snow hits - don’t let those problems go unnoticed!

Call today to speak with us here at Quarve, your licensed MN roofing contractor.  You can  schedule a roofing inspection or repairs that need to be done. We are helping homeowners around the Twin Cities get prepared for the winter ahead and we want to make sure that you’re covered.