Trying to keep your budget in line?  There are many things that you can do in your home to not only save you some cash but also help Minnesota's environment. With some of these quick tips, you don't need a major investment or a lot of time - cash in on the benefits right away! It is that easy to get saving and get saving now!

Adding a Programmable Thermostat Saves on Energy

Make sure that you can program your thermostat to be warmer at certain times throughout the day and colder when you’re not home or in bed. You want to make sure that you’re making the most use out of the heat that you are paying for. If you’re not home, then you’re not using it wisely.  There are many programmable thermostats on the market, including ones you can control via a smartphone app.

Window Insulation Keeps Your Home Comfortable and Cuts Heating Costs

So many people skip this step, but it is important. If you have older leaky windows, then they should be entirely replaced.  But if you're not ready to take that step or you think your windows are still in good condition, you can increase their energy efficiency by installing thermal treatments such as insulated drapes or even thermal blinds that are able to hold the heat in and keep the cold out of the room.

Replace Your Furnace and A/C Filters

Make sure that your filters are clean and ready to go. You do not want to waste energy or money because you have not changed the filter in your air conditioning or furnace unit in quite some time. Make sure to take the next step and change it, always and on time.  Standard furnace filters should probably be changed once a month, but if you've got high-efficiency filters, expect a three-month lifespan.

Are You Using Energy-Efficient Lighting?

Another way to cut your energy use is with energy-efficient light bulbs to light up your home.  These can save you lots of money on your energy bills, while also making sure that they last much longer than the traditional old school bulb that you’re used too. You want to make the switch today.  Incandescent bulbs have been phased out, but many stores are still selling them.  Resist the urge to purchase these and look for energy-saving alternatives such as compact fluorescents (CFs), LED, and other lighting options.  Bulbs may cost more up front, but they'll last longer and save you money in the long run.

If you would like to take the extra step and make your home even greener, Quarve specializes in eco-friendly exterior remodeling solutions such as energy-efficient replacement windows, fiber cement siding, and metal roofing and siding. We are your Minneapolis and St. Paul MN exterior remodeling company that is able to help save you money in your energy bills. Check out additional eco-friendly tips while you're here.