Are you replacing the windows in your St. Paul area home?  You have a number of choices in frame materials.  While many homeowners are selecting such frames as vinyl or fiberglass, there are many reasons to consider wood.  With wood windows, you probably think of an elegant home, with beautifully decorated windows and even a rustic fireplace. Wood has been the traditional choice for a long time.  Wood windows are recognized because of their beauty and traditional style. But there are so many choices with modern wood windows. They are reliable and have an appeal unlike any other window frame on the market. If you are not completely sold on the idea of wood windows, here are some additional points on why you should consider them for your home.

Wood Windows are Highly Customizable 

Wood windows have an almost endless amount of options, meaning you can determine how they can look on your home. They are able to be manufactured in any shape, size, form and so on. You can match them to go with the look of your home, or even to change the appearance of your home overall. You can choose paint or stain to change the color and so on.

Quality Wood Windows Are Durable 

Quality wood windows are manufactured from strong yet light materials. They are able to stay true when properly installed in your home.  Wood windows with exterior cladding can withstand bad weather conditions, so you knowyou do not have to worry about frequent repair because of how durable they are.

Wood Clad Windows Require Little to No Maintenance 

Of course you're concerned with how your windows look and how they perform, but you don't want to worry about putting a lot of work into maintaining them.  You might have to repaint or re-stain them from time to time. You can spray them with wood cleaner, as well to keep their beautiful wood appeal.  The exterior cladding requires no maintenance and protects the wood frame.

In addition to these benefits, quality wood windows are also eco-friendly and great for the environment because they are made from wood. They are able to last a long time, and with the proper care can remain in place for the life of the home. If you’re looking to spend your money on quality materials for the windows throughout your home - wood might be the best way to go.

Here at Quarve, we install Andersen wood windows. Andersen is a well-known Minnesota company, so if you're concerned about supporting our local economic environment, that's another plus.

We are a licensed exterior remodeling contractor for the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We are able to install beautiful wood windows throughout your home. Give us a call today for a free consultation.  And in the meantime, check out our Pinterest page for beautiful Andersen wood window ideas.