Even though winter is right around the corner here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul MN area (some say it's already here), we are still on the job replacing siding for homes around the Twin Cities.  Siding is an important part of any home throughout the neighborhoods of the world. With the right siding, you’re able to protect your home. You’re able to get the insulation that you need to protect your family. However,  which siding is right for you and your home? It could be fiber cement siding from James Hardie.

You may have heard about fiber cement siding since so many people have before, and are now wondering if this type of siding is right for you.

Why James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Could Be the Best Choice for Your Home

Here are some of the many reasons why you should switch to fiber cement siding over other types of siding in the industry.

  • Fiber cement siding is incredibly durable and also resistant to fire. This makes it a top choice for siding your home. Not only are you able to get the most in protection, but you’re able to keep your anxiety down about the outside of your home catching on fire since it is fire-resistant. This can save you money in your homeowners' insurance, while also providing you with something that will not have to be replaced if there is a wind or hail storm in the area.
  • It is extremely eco-friendly. When it is good for the environment, it is good for you and your home, as well. This is a good thing to think about. If you do not want to leave a large carbon print on Minnesota's e ecology, why not go with something that is good for the environment, and that will save you money on your energy bills. Less energy wasted is good for everyone.
  • Don’t worry about wasting your money or your time when you choose to have this siding installed. James Hardie is the leading siding manufacturer in the world, and their siding products add value to a home.  When it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to recoup more than half of the cost of the siding, which means money back in your pocket.
If you’re considering the switch from whatever siding you have now to fiber cement siding, consider James Hardie fiber cement siding. This is a name brand, high quality fiber cement siding choice that many homeowners feel confident with. And it comes with an excellent warranty.  Give us a call here at Quarve toget a free estimate on having fiber cement siding put on your home. We are your exterior home improvement contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. And Quarve is an experienced James Hardie siding installation contractor. Hundreds of homeowners around the Twin Cities have trusted us to help them protect their homes with the right siding products. Check out our Pinterest page for a look at some of  our siding products.