Metal roofs are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for residential roofing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  But some homeowners have been hesitant about having a metal roof installed, thinking there might be a noise issue.  Metal roofs are made from a material that you would think would be loud when it comes to having something pour down on it such as the heavy rains and hail we get in the Twin Cities. However, this is a myth.  Of course as a homeowner, you want to make sure that it is quiet inside your home, no matter what is raging on the outside. With this being said, the idea that metal roofs are louder than asphalt is indeed false.

The Truth About Metal Roofing and Noise rainandcloudThe thought of a metal roof being more noisy than other types of roofing may be because when something hits a metal roof, it makes a distinct sound. Perhaps this is a sound that you’ve noticed when it comes to other metal things besides roofs. And many people associate residential metal roofing with pole barn roofs.  But there's a difference.  In fact, metal roofing on a house is just about as noisy when it rains as a traditional asphalt roof. There is still a least one protective layer in between the wood structure of the roof and the metal roofing that is laid down over it.  This barrier prevents noise transfer from the outside of the roof to the inside of the home.  Metal roofs are actually able to reduce the noise of storms outside the home, making them an ideal solution for covering and protecting your home.

Metal roofs - when properly installed - are quieter than traditional roofing material, and they have many other benefits to them, as well such as being able to protect your home against harsh weather conditions, being more energy efficient and great for the environment, as well as being able to last for a lifetime. When it comes to being one of the safest, longest lasting, best looking roofing choices on the market, metal roofing has many other types of roofing beat.

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