There have been many improvements in roofing in recent years, and some homeowners around the Minneapolis area are now switching from asphalt or other traditional roofing materials to metal roofing. Many feel that metal provides an eco-friendly solution when one is needed. It is able to also provide the energy saving benefits that other types of roofing might not be so good at providing. Although it does cost more to install than most other types of roofing, it is also one that is able to last a lot longer than the competition.

Metal Roofing Outperforms Others

Metal roofing is able to outperform the many other types of roofing materials available. Depending on the amount of snow and wet that hits your home on an average year, asphalt roofing can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years. However, metal roofing is able to last 60 years or more.

Performance, Even in the Worst Climate Compared to other roofing material, metal roofing lasts the longest when faced with harsh weather conditions. It is able to withstand hailstorms, debris, rain, hurricanes and so on.  It provides an effective, protective covering for the home that you own. Metal Roofing Is Eco-Friendly 

Looking for a green choice in roofing?  Metal roofing is can be reused, recycled and then used again. It is made from recycled materials, allowing you to reduce the carbon footprint that you put on the earth and get a little bit more out of the covering that you're putting on your home.  And since metal roofs last so long, it means less old roofing going into landfills.

Metal Roofing Is a Smart, Long-Term Investment

Metal roofing is a great choice to make for the long-term benefits it provides.  There are far less repairs, almost no maintenance, and an expected lifespan that far exceeds asphalt and wood shakes. Not only that, but it comes in many different styles and colors that you can choose from, so you’re able to find something that appeals to you.

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