Is your asphalt roof in need of being replaced?  Purchasing asphalt roofing materials for a Minneapolis home can seem overwhelming at first because there are so many options, but a short list of concerns is the best starting place.

The most common driving forces in selecting asphalt roofing are cost, appearance, and durability. In an attempt to find what you are looking, take a walk around your neighborhood and check out the roofs of the other houses.  Here are the common factors to evaluate.

Style.  There are two styles of shingles: three-tab shingles and architectural. The three-tab shingles will have an appearance of straight lines across the roof, and architectural will be reminiscent of cedar shake because the individual shingles will have uneven lengths. Color.  There is a rainbow of color to choose from when selecting asphalt roofing - everything from almost white to deep ebony, plus reds, greens, blues and browns. The color chosen should accent the exterior of the home; however, darker shingles will draw in more heat, and lighter ones will repel heat better.  What the means for you is that if your home is cold and hard to heat in the winter, go for a charcoal or dark brown.  If summer cooling is more of an issue, light grey would be a better choice. Performance. When you have reached a preference of style and color, performance ratings can be researched. The Minneapolis area climate should be considered first, as some shingles perform better than others in extremes.   This is something where the assistance of an experienced roofing professional will be helpful.  Does your home get lots of direct sun, are there no trees around to give shade?  Keep in mind that extended high heat conditions will deplete the life of asphalt shingles. Does your home develop ice dams in the winter?  Ice dams can create larger cracks from small fissures on shingles. And then there is humidity and rainfall.  Algae and fungus in shady, moist areas can also damage shingles. Warranty.  When comparing roofing materials, don't forget to compare the warranty on each.  Warranties generally cover ranges from fifteen to thirty years. They guard against defects, such as shingle cupping or curling, granular loss, and thermal splitting to name a few.  Also check to see if the warranty also covers installation cost, as many will only cover replacement of defective material, and most warranties are pro-rated.  That means in the last five years of your roof's expected life, your warranty will provide reimbursement in a much lower dollar amount than if the defect had occurred soon after installation. Cost.  There are other types of roofing materials, but asphalt roofing is still the most common. Value is the driving force. Asphalt shingles is the least expensive of the options, and when you choose quality asphalt roofing such as GAF/Elk or CertainTeed, with proper care your roof should have a good lifespan.

Most quality asphalt shingles have a Class A fire rating, which is also a benefit. Some asphalt shingles are made of a fiberglass base, coated with asphalt and a mix of mineral components for water resistance. There are differences in the granular coatings and the asphalt mix for durability and specialty shingles. Spend time detailing quotes with contractors.

Even more than choosing the right asphalt shingles, it's important to go with a licensed MN roofing contractor.  A good contractor using proper installation techniques will ease manufacturer’s concerns if defects occur within a warranty period, plus knowing an experienced MN roofing company is working on your home should give you peace of mind as well.

We are able to provide the asphalt shingles that you need on your home here at Quarve. We are able to walk you through the basics of putting on a new roof, and providing your home with the beauty you deserve. We install a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt.  We are one of the leading roofing and exterior remodeling contractors for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and proud NARI members.