When your MN home needs some help, you have a choice:  ignore it, postpone it, or take care of it right away.  Passing by minor structural issues in and around a home can lead to costly large repair projects if not taken care of in a timely manner. Larger areas can be eventually affected by disregarding what would be small and less costly repairs. Most of us know that an engine low on oil will eventually seize, causing replacement of an entire engine or possibly the automobile. The same rule applies with small deficiencies at the home. The damage can spread affecting the larger areas, or structures attached to the damaged items. Starting outside the house can reveal issues where the environment can have a hand in continual degradation. Some areas of concern are listed below.

  • Gutters fill over time with debris. This will eventually lead to improper drainage or possibly pulling away from the house. The drainage issues will result in damage to fascia, soffits, and/or siding. Water not draining away from the house can cause foundation damage over time. An annual fall inspection after leaves have fallen allows the cleaning of the system, along with noting loose supports.
  • Tree limbs hanging over or touching the house can lead to damage if they break. Pest control is also an issue, as these branches become highways for unwanted visitors.
  • A long-term issue for your roof, siding, or trim would be algae and fungus growth from a lack of sunshine. 
  • Split or bowed exterior siding can allow water within the walls, destroying the wood beneath. Peeling exterior paint creates the same issues.
  • Damage to horizontal finishes will speed the process of destruction, as water is allowed to lay on bare surfaces longer. Widow sills are a perfect example of this.
  • Weather-beaten deck boards and railings will lead to further damage if not attended to, and can create safety issues.
  • Mildew on foundation walls can eventually lead to wall failure. Make sure drainage is away from the house and bushes are kept at a level to allow circulation along the outer walls.
Inside the home, problems left untended can also lead to costly repairs in the future. Here are just a few.
  • A worn protective surface on wood floors can result in permanent stains and/or splinters.
  • A wobbly stair railing continues to place pressure on attached pieces, causing wear on larger areas. This is also a major safety issue.
  • As with water damage outside, worn or cracked sink and tub caulking builds into greater issues as time goes by. The water leaking by can compromise walls and floors.
  • Attention to small problems at the home, keeps them at a level of less costly repairs.
Here at Quarve we are committed to helping Twin Cities homeowners keep their houses protected and in the best shape possible.  We offer exterior home repairs that can stop the leaks in the roof, gutter systems and other points around the outside of the home. We are a licensed MN exterior home improvement contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul MN area.