Perhaps you've heard the buzz around the Twin Cities about metal roofing for homes.  It is quickly increasing in popularity, and is becoming the #1 choice of builders, architects, and homeowners.  Quarve Construction has and continues to install asphalt roofing, but our specialty is metal roofing.

There are many considerations in what type of roof to purchase, and the wise homeowner will do some research before deciding on a new roof.  As a MN licensed roofing contractor, we've found that there is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding metal roofing, and we'd like to clear up some of the more prevalent myths.  Hopefully this will allow you make an informed decision.  The cost, durability and appearance of a roofing material should be the deciding concerns. Below is a list of myths we'd like to expose as false.

Metal Roofing: Myth vs. Truth
  • The first myth we hear is the concern that lightning will be attracted to a metal roof. The truth is that lightning is attracted to the highest point of a surface in its path. This source of energy is seeking ground at the most convenient point allowed. The truth is that a metal roof - if actually hit by lightning - would be safer than an asphalt shingle roof. The metal would disperse the energy and heat over a greater surface, and it is resistant to flame.
  • It has been stated that metal roofs are noisier in the rain than asphalt shingle roofs. In actuality, a metal roof (when properly installed) is generally quieter than other roofs. The reason is that a metal roof is installed with an underlayment system that absorbs the sound. If the metal is used as a replacement roof, it is usually laid over the existing construction, which creates an additional sound barrier.
  • While very large hail can leave dents in metal roofs, they are actually more resistant to damage than other materials. What causes minor dents in metal roofs will cause extreme damage to others. Many metal roofs have higher impact resistance, leading to some insurance companies giving better rates for these installations.
  • The thought that you can’t walk on a metal roof for concerns of safety or damage are untrue. There are certain methods that need to be adhered to depending on the type and pitch of the roof. This is something to talk over with your roofing contractor.  The truth is that it can be unsafe to walk on any roof if you're not an experienced roofing pro or if your roof is especially steep.
  • Concerns over a metal roof transferring either heat or cold into a house are not an issue. It is not the material of the roof but the insulation that prevents energy loss.  In fact, some metal roofing is much more effective at reflecting heating and cold away from the house.
Quarve installs metal roofing for homes and businesses throughout the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. If you do not like the look of traditional metal roofing (what most people recognize is referred to as standing seam), you can also choose to have metal roofing that looks like asphalt or cedar shingles installed. Give us a call to see the many options and get a free estimate.  You can also visit our Pinterest site for a look at some of the metal roofing projects we've done around the Twin Cities.