Once you've decided it's time for a new roof on your MN home, the next decision is extremely important.  While deciding which type of roofing material to go with should be a prime consideration, who you select to install that roofing is of equal importance.  After all, a roof is only as good as the MN roofing contractor who installed it.

With so many roofing companies around the Minneapolis St. Paul area, how do you pick?  Choosing a roofing company should not be as hard as you may think it is. It can actually be quite easy when considering these tips for choosing the ideal roofer that you can work with.

Considerations for Choosing a Roofing Company
  • Their Reputation:  This should be near the top of your list - reputation is crucial when you hire any company for a roofing job. They should have a good reputation behind them, with satisfied homeowners that are able to speak on their behalf.  Look for reviews and ask for a reference list from the contractor; then follow up on those references.
  • The Quality of Their Work and Materials:  A top-notch roofing contractor should provide only the highest quality in both installation and materials for your home.  You want items that will last a long time and that actually work because they were installed correctly.  Ask if they are certified by the manufacturer whose roofing they would be installing.  Also ask if they've got any industry affiliations or awards, such as Angie's List or Guild Quality.
  • Their Guarantees:  The company that you hire should offer a guarantee or warranty not only on their work, but on the products that they use. The best guarantee should provide you with the comfort of knowing that the products are indeed the quality you're looking for.  Manufacturers usually offer warranties on their products, but you want to make sure you'll get a workmanship warranty or guarantee from the roofing company as well.
  • The Cost of Your New Roof:  Cost can mean a lot, but remember, it's generally true that you get what you pay for. Good roofing companies should have affordable services that are not too over the top, but prices that you can handle and that seem reasonable.  Get several bids - the prices should be similar.  An estimate that's substantially less than the others may be an indication that you won't get top-quality work, even if it's the same material.
  • Their Roofing Materials Selection:  Look for a roofer who handles a variety of brands and materials, not just one or two.  The selection of products that they offer should give you options. You want a good healthy selection to work with in order to find what will look and work best on your home.
When you’re ready to find a reliable roofing company in the Minneapolis MN area to work with, give us a call here at Quarve. We are able to offer numerous roofing styles and brands to choose from.  We install steel and other metal roofing as well as asphalt roofing.  For a free estimate on a new roof for your home, call us today at 736-785-1472.