The winter months here in the Minneapolis area can bring a lot of problems with it, especially to the outside of your home and the roof that is on it. When the flashing under the roofing material is exposed and harmed, this can cause a problem to the inside of the home because you’re leaving a spot open for moisture to get in. Most of the roofing problems you come across with roof leaks are due to flashing problems found on the roof. The flashing is a very important part of the roof on your home.

If you notice a flashing problem, you should have a professional come out to assess and repair the situation.

While nobody likes to think about roof repairs in the winter, having an inspection during the winter months can be valuable if you think you may have problems. It can lead to you knowing what is going on with your roof.  However, if you notice that the flashing is damaged, then an inspection is not necessary.  What you need is a repair. Get it fixed now instead of having to worry about whether or not it is going to hold up throughout the whole winter.  Roof leaks are problematic at any time of the year, but they're especially troublesome in the winter.

When it comes to flashing repair, doing it yourself is something that is not recommended for any homeowner, no matter what the season. Too many problems can arise from do-it-yourself fixes.   Getting up on a roof at any time of the year can be a safety issue, and it's even more dangerous in the winter.  Hiring a professional to do the job can put your mind at ease knowing that the job was done correctly the first time around. MN roof repair contractors are used to being up on roofs in this weather, and they know how to get the work done properly and safely. The contractor can even offer a warranty for the work done to protect you throughout the entire winter.

If you find that your roof flashing is damaged, or if you have other roofing problems, it's time for professional help.  Don't just put up with the problem until the weather is warmer, because that small problem could turn into a major repair issue.   Give us a call here at Quarve to find out how we can come out and do an inspection and the repairs you’re in need of.  We are a licensed MN exterior remodeling company and roofing contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, and our crews are at work on roof repairs even in the winter.  (We've got nice heated trailers for them).