If you've been shopping for new windows in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, you've probably found that there is a lot of information available regarding the replacement windows considering you’re putting in your home.  Vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows are all available for homeowners to replace old windows in their homes.  Each type of window has different benefits and drawbacks.  Window manufacturers promote their products as being the best you can get.  But which would be the best for you and the home that you own? Does one provide superior service over another? Should you choose one over another due to the way they look, the price or even the way they are installed?

The Most Common Window Frames Vinyl Windows:  Vinyl is the generally the most economical type of window frame that you’re able install in your home, and it can look nice since it comes in many different colors and styles.  Keep in mind the frame color cannot be changed once the color is chosen. Some vinyl windows are more prone to expanding and contracting with the changes in weather outside, causing them to become ill-fitting or damaged over time.  If you're opting for vinyl, go with the highest quality you can afford; there is definitely a difference in how vinyl windows perform. Fiberglass Windows:  The fiberglass window is relatively new to the window market, but it doesn’t mean that it is worse. In fact, its quickly becoming one of the most popular window frame choices.  It is entirely recyclable which makes it ideal for the environment. It's a greener product than vinyl, and it doesn't involve harvesting trees.  It is more durable than vinyl and wood, and some manufacturers offer products that can be stained or finished in any color that you choose to go with. It does cost more than wood and vinyl but it will not contract and expand. And like any window product, if not installed correctly, it can cause future problems.  If you're planning on staying in your home indefinitely, you may want to consider fiberglass windows. Wood Windows: These not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look, but they are made from all natural materials, which is an important factor for many homeowners. They can be painted or stained and their look can be changed throughout the time that you own the home. They are also a natural insulator for the home. However, they have a lot of maintenance that comes with them to keep them looking great. They have to be caulked and refinished regularly.  If you like the interior look of wood windows, you may want to consider opting for wood that has a maintenance-free exterior cladding.

Whatever choice you make for the windows you want to put in your home, speak with us here at Quarve first. We are able to provide you with beautiful windows from Ply Gem and Andersen that can provide beauty, quality and life to the home that you have.  And we're happy to walk you through the decision process and help you evaluate the options so that you can choose the best windows for you and your home.

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