01feb03a1a15As you can tell, winter in the Twin Cities isn't over yet, and that means there are still dangers to your roof from ice and snow.  Snow and ice built up on a roof can be a dangerous situation if it is not properly taken care of. This creates a problem for the homeowner that has to take care of the situation, and it's not an easy or safe task in the winter.  By having vertical ice hanging from the roof edges, this can cause it to sag or even fail all together because of the weight that is put on the ends of it. Wet snow sitting on top of the roof can weigh up to 60 pounds per square inch, leaving a lot of weight sitting on the roof where it does not belong. Wet snow is the most dangerous, because it weighs more than dry snow.  If you've got an older home, it's even more threatening because your roof structure might be deteriorated to the point it can't support all that extra weight.

If the water and leakage from the snow and slush is not removed from the roof (runoff through your gutters, which is the ideal way) then you can find yourself staring at ice dams. These ice dams can lift up the shingles on the roof causing the moisture to get under them. This moisture can cause further problems if it is not taken care of. Without having the proper ventilation system under your roof, you’re essentially allowing it to suck in all of that moisture, water and snow inside the wood structure of the roof.

If you want to remove this worry that you’re having about snow and ice dams happening and moisture getting into and under your roof, then consider adding a metal roof to your home. Not only will this protect you for years to come, but it comes in many different colors and patterns and you can eliminate ice dams and additional cold and snow problems.  The metal roof will be able to heat up and melt the snow and ice on the roof, causing it to slide right off and not be a problem for you in the future.  In the meantime, it's important to get that ice and snow off.  You should take care of what you can easily and safely remove with a roof rake.  But if it involves getting up on the roof, better leave that to a professional who specializes in snow and ice removal on roofs.  Not only is it unsafe for you to be up on an icy roof, but if you don't know what you're doing you could actually damage the roof.

When the snow melts, if you want to take care of this problem once and for all, speak with us here at Quarve, a licensed MN metal roofing contractor for Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are more than happy to help you find the ideal metal roof for your home. We serve many areas throughout MN such as 55403. 55424, 55419 and 55417. Check out what a metal roof would look like on your home using this nifty tool.