The attic is usually a spot people don't give much thought to.  But that attic space is an important part of your home, and it should be a consideration that you should make when you’re a home owner. The hot air that comes into your home and is sent throughout the home to heat it in the winter, as well as the hot air during the summer that is not wanted, will all build up in this space on top of your home.

Lack of adequate roof ventilation is a problem.  In the winter, when that hot air has nowhere to go, it can cause moisture build-up across the wood that holds the roof up. That warm air is coming into contact with the extreme cold of the roof itself.  That moisture can cause wood root, mold, and other problems throughout the roof, causing you to eventually need to replace your roof or even have to evacuate the home because of the mold issues that might be caused if there isn't sufficient ventilation.

Having sufficient attic ventilation is important to prevent any ice dams or problems that might occur on the roof itself. This can allow the hot air to escape, the attic to cool down and moisture to be kept at a minimum. Sufficient attic ventilation can solve a lot of problems, so when yours has the air circulation it needs, you’re setting yourself up for a great home that is not only comfortable to live in but safe.

If you have a problem with ice dams, not having enough ventilation in your attic space or even any roofing issues that a professional should address, speak with us here at Quarve. We are able to provide the high quality roofing services that you’re in need of for an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to live in a home with a bad roof; speak with a company that knows how to fix it. Quarve Contracting is a licensed MN exterior home remodeling contractor, providing roofing and other services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for over three decades.