The word 'roof' can produce all kinds of pictures because there are many different styles of roofs covering homes around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Do you know what type you have on your home? Depending on the style of roof that you have, you might want to find out if it is going to cost more or less to repair or replace it because of the way that it is shaped.

02feb25a1a15Common Residential Roofing Styles Flat Roof:  This is a very common type of roof on business properties, but many modern-style homes have them as well.  Even older homes might have a flat roof over a porch or addition.  A flat roof is the most economical to install. It's not as common here in the Twin Cities because of the danger of overload from snow build-up.  These types of roofs are usually done on homes throughout warmer weather areas. It is one of the easiest roofs install, and since it has less space to cover, it is more affordable. However, it requires much more maintenance because it is flat; since there is no slope it doesn’t allow water and other debris to easily slide off of it. Hip Roof:  This type of roof is a lot like a pyramid.  The equal triangular sides come to a point right at the top. This is one of the roofs that requires less maintenance since everything will just slide right down, it but it can cost more to have repaired or replaced because it is larger and has more space to cover. Gable Roof:  These roofs are very simple.  A gable roof has open sides on both ends (sometimes more, if there are additional gables on the home), allowing the roof to breathe easy. It is also one of the more economical choices because it requires less roofing material than some other styles.  The gable is what most people picture when you say 'roof.' Gambrel Roof:  There are two curved lines on this roof that provides it with a more stylish approach than the other types of roofs. There are two slopes on each side.  This type of roof is usually seen on farm buildings more than homes. Because gambrel roofs have steep side slopes, snow and water side off more easily, so they require minimal maintenance and they look nice. They are easy to frame and build on most homes, which makes them affordable. It doesn’t matter what style roof you have if you need to have it repaired or replaced. Speak with us here at Quarve, your roofing contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to find out how we can get out there and inspect your roof to get you back on track to having a well-protected home once again.  We are a licensed MN roofing contractor serving the entire Twin Cities metro area.  We install asphalt and metal roofs.