If you're thinking about a new roof, you've got a number of decisions to make.  In addition to the type of roof, choosing the best color for your home is also important.  Black and other dark colored roofs are generally the best looking in the neighborhood, and they are roof colors that you’d probably like to have on your home. However, you want to make sure that the roof color you choose is the best for your home and our Minneapolis and St. Paul area climate. Being deliberate about your choice is important, because it's the roof color that you're going to have for many years to many years to come. You cannot just change it by painting it the next year when you’re sick of the color, like you might do with your siding.

One thing to keep in mind is heat transference from the roof into the home.  Light colored roofs can reflect much of the heat. Darker colored roofs usually absorb more heat during the warmer months of the season, but there are measures you can take to prevent this.

Without Proper Ventilation, Attics Can Reach Over 150º

Attics on the top of homes can reach up to 150º if they are not properly ventilated during the summer months. Adequate air circulation will flush the hot air out of the attic and cause a nice cooling air current to run through the rest of the home. This ventilates the attic, while also providing a nice way to pull the hot air from the rest of the home and bring it out of the house.

By adding enough ventilation throughout the top of the home by the roof, a black or dark roof should no longer be a problem. The ventilation is what is going to cool the home down completely, even on sunny days and when the temperatures rise over 100º.

There are studies that indicate white and other light-colored roofs can cut energy expenses because they reflect heat back away from the home, but many homeowners are reluctant to install light colored roofing.  But light colors can be used and can look just as good if the roof color complements the siding color of the home.

With the right roofing professionally installed on a home, it will always look good. There are pros and cons to both dark and light colored roofing materials that can be placed on the home. Whatever one you choose to go with is the one that provides you with the most benefits.

If you're shopping for a new roof, take your time and choose which you feel would be the most beneficial on your home.  Speak with a qualified roofing specialist in the Minneapolis area who is able to help you evaluate the many roofing options and colors and why you should go with one and not the other.

Speak with us here at Quarve to find out even more information regarding the roofing that you need for your home. You want a professional roofing company - and we've been serving the Twin Cities for over 30 years.  We install roofing in the entire metro area, including the zip codes of 55405 and 55406 (Minneapolis), 55416 (St. Louis Park) and 55431 (Bloomington). We provide high quality roofing materials for you to choose from and use on your roof for the best look and value.