When you're purchasing a home (or possibly refinancing your current home), the bank or other lending institution may ask for a letter of certification stating that the roof is in good shape and that it will be good for a period of time when the home is transferred from one person to the next. Even if your lender isn't requiring it, you may want to get one so you've got an idea of the condition of the roof and you're protected if a problem arises.  This certification has to be done by a professional in the roofing industry that knows how to spot a bad roof or one that is well put together.

Most roofers are able to provide an inspection, along with a certification of the roof, complete with the information needed to tell approximately how long the roof is going to last. Many times, you can do a casual inspection on your own by just going into the attic and looking at the roof area.  If there are water spots or soft areas in the ceiling, then this is something that screams that the roof needs to be replaced. If the spots on the roof are minor and there doesn't seem to be any structural damage to the attic ceiling, then you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing the roof right away, but perhaps there is some wear on the outside that could cause you concern in a few years.

Many aspects of a roof should be considered in evaluating its condition, but not just anyone can do this. The roofer does the inspection is very deliberate, because if there's a problem after the certification is signed off on, that company has to fix the problem because it has been guaranteed for a stated length of time.

Here at Quarve, we provide roofing inspections,  but if you need a certification, then please give us a call to discuss it more. We are licensed Minneapolis and St. Paul roofing contractor that is able to assess your roof and also provide new roofing options that you can use to your advantage when it comes time to replace the existing roof on your home.  We install both metal and asphalt roofing in the Twin Cities.