Even though winter is wrapping up here in the Twin Cities, unfortunately there is still snow in the forecast, so we're not done yet.  But this is the perfect time to evaluate how your home did last winter and then consider some changes before next year.  Minnesota winters can be bitterly cold, sometimes dropping well below zero. Instead of raising the heat and your gas and electric bills, skylights offer a viable solution. They can provide natural warmth and lighting for your family during the chilly winter months, and save you money in the process. While skylights offer many benefits, there are several complications that homeowners may experience along the way.  If you're considering adding a skylight, here are things to keep in mind.  But even before you have the skylight installed, we'd recommend a roof inspection to make sure your roof is in good condition and that the skylight won't be a problem.

Common Skylight Problems: Tips and Warnings 03mar17c3a15Cold winter temperatures can cause condensation to build up on the skylight, causing the flashing to deteriorate and preventing light from shining through. If the flashing is damaged, water can begin to leak through the skylight into your home.

Prevention is key to saving money and getting the most out of your skylight. As your new skylight is being installed, be sure to ask the contractor for care and maintenance tips regarding your new skylight system. Regular inspections from a MN roofing contractor can assure that the interior of your home, roof and ceiling are kept dry throughout the treacherous winter months.

1. Installation of Skylights:  Skylights are more likely to leak if they are installed improperly. The skylight should be installed so that it is on a slant, and not even with the surface of the roof. If the skylight is put in at the right angle, it will be less lightly to cause leakage and damage to the home. It is very important for the window glass to be installed with protection called flashing; this material combined with underlayment helps protect against water leakage.

2. Properly Maintaining Skylights:  One of the most important responsibilities when owning skylights is regularly maintaining them. Debris such as leaves, fallen tree limbs and leaves tend to stick to the skylight's surface, preventing proper drainage. If the water does not drain properly, it could leak into the home and damage ceilings and furniture. To assure the skylight remains in good condition, its surface should be cleaned regularly.

3. Monitoring Your Home's Ventilation:  Everyday activities such as washing clothes, utilizing the drier and using the heating system to stay warm in the winter can all have an impact on ventilation. Condensation tends to build up in the highest point of your home, most likely the attic, but the same thing happens with a skylight. Improper ventilation can affect and damage the frame of the skylight. It is very important to limit moisture in this area when possible. Try using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the attic, or install a ventilation system for optimal results.

Is Your Skylight Leaking?  Consult a Professional Roofing Company

If you are concerned about the maintenance of your skylight or believe it may be leaking, call Quarve Contracting. We are a licensed MN roofing company with over 30 years of experience. Our company strives to reach your satisfaction and supply you with professional service. Our estimates are always free, and we'll do our utmost to work within your budget. If you have any questions or concerns regarding skylights and how they might affect your roof, please reach out to Quarve Contracting at your earliest convenience.