We're all breathing a sigh of relief now that spring is just about here.  Even though this winter wasn't as harsh as some have been recently in the Minneapolis area, snow and cold have still caused some damage to homes.  There are multiple problems that can occur on a roof after a Minnesota winter, and you should find those problems and get them taken care of before the spring rains hit. Whether you’re doing the inspection yourself or choosing to hire a professional, you need to know whether the problems should be repaired or if your roof should be replaced when the time comes.

How to Spot Roof Problems

Use a pair of binoculars to identify any problem areas throughout the roof.  This is much safer than getting up on a ladder and walking on your roof.  You can usually get a good idea of the condition of your roof from the ground.  You want to check for curling, cracking or missing shingles anywhere. If there are large discolorations throughout your shingled roof, this can be a problem. If you had ice dams this winter and they caused leaks inside, this is a major cause of concern. Always check the roof flashing, since this protects the underside of the roof. Anything that looks out of the ordinary on the roof should be inspected.

Roof Problems:  To Repair or Replace? 107This is the question many homeowners have to ask themselves when something is wrong on their roofs. Whether or not the roof can be repaired is something you have to speak with a professional regarding. If the roof is old, 20 or more years than perhaps it is time to retire it and go with something newer. If it is newer, then patching the roof and fixing the problems may be the way to go.  That will depend on the extent of the problems.  If the problem is in an isolated area, repair  is usually sufficient, but if they take up more than half the roof, you're probably looking at a replacement instead.

Often asphalt shingles can be repaired quite easily, and this is usually the least costly thing to do.  But you need to find out what caused the shingle problem, because if the issue is something underneath the shingles, then simply replacing them or repairing them won't take care of the cause.  Again, this is something you should discuss with your roofing inspector.

While asphalt shingle roofing is the most economical choice you can make, it's not always the best in the long run.  A metal roof stands up well to Minnesota winters, and it has an exceptionally long life span.  In fact, roof problems will just about vanish because metal roofing does not chip, crack or break during heavy storms, even hail. It stands true and stands strong against the outside weather elements that it comes into contact with.

Make sure to speak with a MN roofing contractor regarding the work you want to have done. Here are Quarve, we are a licensed MN roofing company serving the 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55114, 55116 (St. Paul), 55431, 55425 (Bloomington) and 55108 (Falcon Heights, Lauderdale) areas and we are more than happy to find out if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.