Thinking about a home improvement project but you want to be sure you'll be able to recover the most from your investment when it comes time to sell?  The best advice comes from real estate professionals.

03mar24d4a15Remodeling Magazine has again published their annual Cost vs. Value Report, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune discussed it in a recent post.  Straight from the professionals themselves, they let homeowners know which remodeling projects pay, and which do not when you go to sell your home in the future. Whether you’re thinking of a large or a small remodeling endeavor, you have to first find out if you will get anything back for it. When you thought that big project would give something back, consider some of the smaller projects. They are shown to have the highest return of them all.  At the top of the list is something many homeowners might overlook - replacing the front door with a steel door.

To read the entire article from the reporter’s notebook from the professionals, click here. The valuable tips they provide are some you may not be able to get anywhere else. Consider the remodeling you do prior to starting it to see if you gain anything from doing the changes.

Some valuable information you’ll learn from this article includes:
  • A breakdown of the cost and projects that will make or break your investment
  • The up-to-date numbers for the remodeling that is done on your home
  • Tips for remodeling your home
As exterior remodeling contractors we were pleased to see that a number of the services we offer made the cut, like fiber cement and vinyl siding.  Speak with us here at Quarve to find out even more regarding the exterior remodeling we can do on your home. New windows, a front door and even siding can recoup a lot of your costs when it comes to sale time. We are a licensed MN exterior home remodeling company that's committed to helping you protect and improve the investment you've made in your home.  We serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.