Do you know what shape your roof is in?  There are numerous problems that can come with a roof, no matter what its age or the quality of the roofing material. If you read our previous post on common roofing problems, you're aware of five of them.  Those are the most common, but there are additional problems that might come about. When you spot these problem areas, make sure to have a professional MN roofing company come out and take a look at them.   It's important to take care of roof problems as they arise; that way you're preventing major damage and expense in the future.

Other Roof Problems to Watch For
  1. Punctures and penetrations - These might seem like something that doesn’t happen when it comes to your roof. When it does though, it can cause quite a problem that you do not want to have. Wind, hail and even poor roofing can cause these problems, allowing water and rodents to get in where they do not belong.  Other things such as mounting a satellite dish or other item on the roof can also puncture it and lead to problems.  (Check out our post on the things you should NEVER do on your roof - even though many people do.)
  2. Trees - They are beautiful to have around your home, but they can also be something that could mean danger to your home and all around it. With the help of a tree removal service to trim those larger branches over your home, you’re protecting your house. However, if you do not do this sooner, rather than later, you will find that these limbs and even the tree can do serious damage.  You've seen those large branches and even trees that come down around the Twin Cities whenever we get a storm with a high wind.
  3. Ventilation - Poor ventilation throughout the roof is a cause of concern. This can help the ice and water pool to the top of the roof, while causing the shingles to be pushed up and out. This leaves the inside of the roof vulnerable to the outside damages that can occur.  And if the roof gets too hot, that can cause problems for the roofing as well.
  4. Blistering and shrinkage - When roofing does this, it causes larger problems than just having to switch out a few shingles. The shrinkage can cause the roof to not be completely covered like you need it to be, leading to possible major damage.
  5. Lack of maintenance - When a roof is not properly care for during the year, it can have a lot of build-up on it, the gutters may not work properly, and the repairs that are needed can be neglected, causing a problem for the outside and soon the inside of the house. Keeping up on the maintenance of a roof is extremely important for the life of the roof and your home.  Some roofs like the metal roofing we install require very little maintenance to the roof itself, but gutters require regular cleaning out.
If you need professional eyes to check out the repairs that may be needed on your roof, speak with us here at Quarve. We provide quality roof replacements and repairs to those within the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We also serve western Wisconsin communities.  We are the MN roofing contractors and can come out and provide quality exterior home improvement services. Call us today to find out more.