7160261147_5c4f5d0267_oOur roofs provide important protection to the exterior and interiors of our homes. Did you know that there are structures that protect the roof? They are known as soffits and fascia, and together they act as protection against the harsh elements of the weather. Essentially, they prevent wood from rotting and roof edges from deteriorating. They also serve as protection against squirrels and other backyard friends that are looking for comfort in your home. Just like every other aspect of your house, the soffits and fascia need proper maintenance, too. Protect Your Roof From Water Damage

When heavy rain and wind storms decide to wreak their havoc, the roof receives the brunt of the damage. It is the first protection against the storm's damage, and the defenses can weaken quickly if water seeps into the surface of the wood underneath the roofing. To assure that your roof is properly protected, consider getting the edges sealed. Quarve Contracting can provide sealing services and make sure your roof is sealed against harsh weather.

Gutter Cleaning Is Important to Maintaining Your Soffits & Fascia

Be sure to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year to remove harmful debris from the drainage path. It is important to ask your service professional to assess the condition of your gutters, as this directly affects soffits and fascia. Any cracks, gaps, peeled paint or rotted wood can be a clear sign of water damage. Soffits and fascia should be freshly painted and sealed when your gutters are assessed to prevent against future damage. Neighborhood critters will attempt to nest in your gutters from time to time, so to prevent permanent living situations, have a contractor out a few times a year to remove clogs. You may also want to have a gutter guard product installed.  Keeping your gutters clear will help assure the roof is in prime condition and not at risk for water damage. Make sure to check for any signs that the gutters need to be replaced all together.

Let us Help With Roof Trim Repair

Always remember that attempting to remove debris as well as repairing soffits and fascia yourself can be quite risky. Quarve Contracting has professional employees that strive to get the job done to your satisfaction. We are willing to help you maintain your fascia and soffits and keep your roof and gutters in the best shape possible. We strive to make our customers happy!

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed MN exterior home remodeling contractor.  In addition to roofing and gutters, we also install siding, replacement windows, and exterior entry doors in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.